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Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier has some of the most exciting fishing and sights any pier Florida has to offer.

In opening, we Michael Pinzone and our friendly staff would like to say thank you for taking time to read our website and we welcome you to Pensacola Beach and our pier. We have made it our niche to be the friendliest pier anywhere you visit and we want to offer you our promise that we will all work hard to provide you with a safe, clean and family pier.
So, we invite you, your family and friends to come and visit our pier. Whether you're an experienced fisherman, a beginner or you are wanting to take in an awesome sunset, sea life or the view will feel right at home on our pier. It is a great place to meet and see your friends. For several years the community has mourned and missed the old pier. It's wooden structure and scent of fish sandwiches hovers in the memories of most Pensacolians. Memories of the old resteraunt and tackle shop are a part of the character of many of us. The old pier served us well in the thirties, forties and into the nineties. Weathered many storms and put up a good fight. But it finally succumbed to age and nature.

But, with all passing comes new life as the New Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier stretches far beyond the reaches of the old one. It's much wider and the newness gleams in the setting sun. It will never replace the old pier but it will take its place in our community and be "The Pier" of our future. Designed to outlive most of us it will be the pier our children remember today. The new pier is a structural wonder built from the pier level down and it is the longest pier in the Gulf of Mexico. The Pensacola Beach Pier will also be faced with living up to the memories and at the same time serving a community in a broader and more complex manner. The new pier opened 2 months early on the Saturday before memorial day. The night before opening it assumed its new role as the gathering place for the beach. That Friday, the pier was blessed by two community churches, the ribbon was cut and the first official casts were made. That night became an integral part of Pensacola Beach.

Since that opening, the pier has become an icon on the beach. In a matter of weeks thousands have fished, gathered, walked, and enjoyed the awesome sights and sunsets our pier offers daily. The new pier is being dubbed the longest and friendliest pier in the Gulf of Mexico. You can walk out to the end and catch flounder, bonita, Spanish and King Mackerels, cobia and much more. You can even watch dolphins, sea turtles and even manatees. The pier is 1471 feet long and each step is enjoyable. It's long & it's sunsets are breathtaking.

So please, come by, say hi and let us show you a good time.